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UnderTow PNG "Chambri" Collection

UnderTow PNG "Chambri" Collection

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At UnderTow we use this Chambri Flask to pour and serve water in our accompanying Chambri Cups. We chose water so that this beautiful artwork can adorn every table and be enjoyed by every passenger aboard our ship.

At home we use more than a few of these flasks to store some of our favorite rums! They make a beautiful edition to our collection and also serve as a function to return to our tiki collection for a daily ration of rum.

We also have a limited quantity of the Chambri collins available while supplies last, they are sold out in stores.

Inspired by The Chambri tribe, also known as the Sepik River crocodile people of Papua New Guinea. The Chambri, with a population of around 2,500 people, have a unique relationship with the crocodile, which is seen as a sacred and powerful animal in their culture. The crocodile is revered as the ancestor of the Chambri tribe and is closely associated with their rituals and beliefs. The tribe has a history of crocodile hunting, with the men risking their lives to catch the giant reptiles for their meat, skin, and bones, which are used in traditional ceremonies. The Chambri tribe's traditional masks and carvings are adorned with crocodile imagery and are highly prized by collectors of primitive art. The Chambri tribe still maintains their strong connection to the crocodile, acknowledging its continuing importance in their cultural heritage.

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