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The Last Remains of Timms

The Last Remains of Timms

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Who is Timms you may ask?

Join us at UnderTow for a cocktail and ask one of our local legends to tell the tale Timms and why you should Never Drink From a Skull!

I conceptualized and collaborated with Darick Maasen to draw this mug in 2019 for Chapter Seven of the Captain Mallory Saga. Chapter Seven barely set sail before being cut short due to government shutdowns in 2020. The mug saw a very limited release in a large format produced by Miles Nielsen of MunkTiki, at that time the mug was named "The Brain Coral Skull" and sold for $200 each.

A couple years ago we partnered with Tiki Farm to retool and scale the mug down for a large production run and it has finally arrived. This mug is available immediately for purchase online and will be available to purchase in person at both UnderTow locations June 25th. I will be at the Gilbert location during happy on the 25th drinking from "The Last Remains of Timms" and sharing the legend with anyone who cares to join!

Cheers to all,

Rich from UnderTow


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